Hangfall: time for a drop of water to collect at the tip of an oak leaf & fall during a mild spring rain.

Oakswing: time an oak branch completes a swing & back to a resting point during an autumn breeze.

Half Rest: time spent by a busy mouse to eat a midday meal, drink a mug of water, clean the crumbs leftover, and resume work.

Full Rest: time spent by a mouse to eat a full meal, drink a mug of ale, and enjoy a nap.

Sunday: sunlit period between dawn & dusk, comprised of about 7 Full Rests during summer & 5 Full Rests during winter.

Starday: starlit period between dusk & dawn.

Fortnight: period of 14 days, both sun & star lit; either the waxing or waning half of the moon cycle.


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