South Farthing

The South Farthing is largely unpopulated by mice & no longer protected by the scent borders or patrolled by the Guard. Before the Weasel Wars the area south of the Hughes River was the center of Shire activity, and the citadel of Lockhaven was carved from among the granite boulders on top of Old Lock Mountain. But after a long, devastating war the citadel of Lockhaven was abandoned & the base of Guard operations relocated to the Northshire where Stonewall Abbey was built against the south bank of the Thornton River. The reduced birth rate among mice in the years since has encouraged a concentration of population to the Midlands, and the only concentrations of mice in this southern region is at the border in Nethers. The town of Etlan which had been a bustling trade town before the Wars, is largely abandoned & overrun with ivy.

The weasels abandoned their gains in this region after the Wars, in part because they could never control the area completely, and a few pockets of strong mice communities continue in the hills, particularly at White Oak Canyon Falls.

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South Farthing

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