Character Creation Process

A character’s Stats (Will, Health, Nature, Resources, Circles) and the selected Crafts, Roles, & Traits along with Beliefs & Instincts are the things you look at during the course of the game to guide how to play your character, informing the decisions you make for how she will act in a certain situation, whether she will fight or run away from danger, give the last of her bread to a hungry fellow mouse or hide a little extra food for herself. During the course of a game, whenever your character comes to a conflict or obstacle of some kind we roll dice & use the random results to determine how successful your character is at winning conflicts or overcoming obstacles. But this game isn’t all about rolling high numbers & winning. Often, failure can be more interesting to a story than success. You can select & copy the following section to paste into the box & then replace the Names, Crafts, Roles, Wises, etc. with the specific items you choose. For direction, see the example character Jasper Butterbottom.

Below this list of items follows detailed explanations for filling in all the blanks.

Will & Health: Is your mouse old & wise? Or is your mouse young & full of energy but lacking in experience? Or is your mouse middle aged, still physically active & a bit wise about the greater world? You have two “stat” scores for your character, Will & Health. Basically, “Will” is how wise & worldly your mouse is, and “Health” is basically how strong & vibrant she is.

You have a total of 8 points to allocate between Will & Health as you like. So, you could have a wise, old mouse with a Will of 6 & a Health of 2, or you could have a young but experienced soldier with a Will of 3 & a Health of 5. Basically, in terms of the game, if you want your character to be a good statesmouse & debate fellow citizens in assembly about a proper course of action, then you want a higher score in Will; but if you want your character to fight, drawing her sword at the first sign of danger, then you want a higher score in Health.

Character Background, Crafts, Socialization, Roles, & Traits

Where are you from? Select a home region from inside (or even outside) the Shire & select 1 Craft & 1 Trait from the lists associated with that region. Add the selected Craft & Trait under the “Total Crafts” & “Total Traits” for your character.

Northshire, a region famous for mining & craftsmice.
  • Choose 1 Craft: Glazier, Laborer, Archivist, Armorer, or Smith
  • Choose 1 Trait: Alert, Steady Paws, or Stubborn
Midlands, a region reliable for food & relative safety.
  • Choose 1 Craft: Baker, Harvester, Herbalist, or Weaver
  • Choose 1 Trait: Calm, Friendly, or Defender
South Farthing, forsaken by the Guard but still populated.
  • Choose 1 Craft: Apiarist, Insectrist, Loremouse, or Stonemason
  • Choose 1 Trait: Clever, Natural Bearings, or Nocturnal
East Farthing, busy with trade but vulnerable to weasel raids.
  • Choose 1 Craft: Brewer, Miller, Peddler, or Potter
  • Choose 1 Trait: Alert, Driven, or Natural Bearings
Outside the Shire, wanderers & wild mice.
  • Choose 1 Role: Survivalist or Loremouse
  • Choose 1 Trait: Alert, Quit-Witted, or Quiet
  • What are the names of your character’s parents? Are they still alive or deceased? Check out the list of Crafts; choose one for each of the character’s parents. Was Father Mouse an Archivist at the department of town records and Mother Mouse a Weaver? Maybe both parents were Bakers or Smiths. If both their Crafts were the same then list the particular Craft with a (2) after it.
  • Who was your childhood friend? This friend was the one your character learned socialization & argument with. Choose one Socialization. Also, choose one of the Traits you developed while growing up.
  • Did you have any rival or enemy from your home town? Perhaps that rivalry taught you a lesson about something which can’t be taught like a craft. Choose one from the list of Wises to reflect something you learned from that rival. You can also choose another Trait or add one point to your existing Trait. Think about how that Trait may have been a reason for the rivalry or something you developed because of it.
Senior Artisan:
  • Who was the Senior Artisan you apprenticed with before joining the Mouse Guard? Choose one from the list of Crafts your character learned from a Senior Artisan. Your Senior Artisan could have been a parent, making the Craft the same as one already chosen. During your craft apprenticeship your character learned something about the greater world as well; choose a Wise from the list of Wises to reflect what you learned in your youth.
  • Who was your Mentor when you first joined the Mouse Guard? What Role did that Mentor stress during your training? Chose one from the list of Roles. During your first patrol with your Mentor in the Mouse Guard you must have learned more about the world at large; choose a Wise from the list of Wises.
Natural Talent
  • Choose any one item from Crafts, Socialization, or Roles to reflect your character’s natural talent. Or add a point to one of these you have already selected.
Guard Experience
  • Choose one from the list of Roles you have played so far during your experience in the Guard. This can be a new one or add one point to one already selected.
  • Add one point to one of the Roles you have already selected as your specialty in the Mouse Guard.
Total all Crafts, Socialization, Roles, Wises, & Traits
  • Add one point to each item you selected for total scores for each. Everything you chose should now have at least a (2) after it; some may have a (3) or (4) after it. Each item has a maximum score of (6).
Nature: All characters begin with a base Nature score of 3. Answer the following questions to determine your starting Nature score. Your answers will limit some of your Traits to choose from later.
  • 1. Do you save for winter even if it means going without something now? (If you save for winter then increase your Nature score by 1. You cannot answer “yes” if you have the Bold or Generous Traits.)
  • 2. When confronted by danger do you stand your ground & fight or do you run & hide? (If you run & hide then increase your Nature score by 1. Decrease your Fighter score by 1.)
  • 3. Do you fear owls, weasels, & wolves? (If you do then increase your Nature score by 1. You cannot answer “yes” if you have the Fearless trait.)
Resources: This is an abstract measure of your character’s ability to find & trade for items or services throughout the Shire. A standard Guard Mouse has 2 points in Resources; when in the Farthing of the Shire of birth or in his home town then extra points are temporarily provided when searching for items in that place. Answering the following questions may change the Resources score for your character.
  • 1. In winter, do you still practice a trade like cooking, weaving, smithing, armorer, or pottery for the Guard? If so, increase Resources by 1. You must have the Craft in question. You cannot answer “yes” if you have the Leader Trait because you’re too busy with a Leadership position.
  • 2. Are either of your parents smiths, administrators, hagglers, or apiarists? If so, increase Resources by 1. Your parents must have the Craft & may not be members of the Guard.
  • 3. Do you always pack carefully for a journey? If so, increase Resources by 1. You cannot answer “yes” if you have the Bold or Quick-Witted Traits.
  • 4. Are you thrifty? If so, increase Resources by 1. You cannot answer “yes” if you have the Generous or Compassionate Traits.
Circles: This is an abstract measure of how many friends & allies your character has throughout the Shire. Bonus points will be available when in a character’s home town or Farthing.
  • Is your mouse gregarious? Does he have lots of friends? Does he make friends easily? You may not have the Jaded trait.
  • Do you have strong ties to the Guard? A family tradition or allies within the Guard? Your parents must be in the Guard or your mentor must be family.
  • Has your character accomplished some great task in the Guard? Does he already have a reputation? Note the deed in your character background.
  • Does your character have powerful enemies in the Territories? If so, reduce Circles by 1.
  • Has your character been convicted of a crime? If so, reduce Circles by 1. Is your character a loner, tough and cool? If so, reduce Circles by 1. You may not have the Extrovert trait

Beliefs & Instincts: Look over your character’s biography & list of skills. Is there a particular belief about the Mouse Guard or the Shire that your character feels strongly about? Look at the list of Beliefs for inspiration. Now, think of an instinct your character always has, a sort of habit. Look at the list of Instincts for inspiration.

Keep in mind that things your mouse character believe in doesn’t have to be the same thing you believe in; this is a game of fiction, and you are not the same as your character. Rather, think of yourself as an author of your character. Feel free to come back to this page & add more details about your mouse character’s biography.

Gear: What does your character always bring along when traveling? Is it a sword, a bow & arrows, or maybe just a walking stick? Think of something a mouse can carry, something your character would always have at hand.

Character Creation Process

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