Let’s get started creating your new New Mouse Guard Character.

If you need some help with ideas for your character’s background & motivations try answering these Character Questions. You may want to open a new browser window so you can consult this guide, or even print out this page for reference.

  • At the top of the character creation page is a box under “Name.” You don’t need to use your name, just your character’s name. After you hit the “Create” button at the bottom of the page then your character will be listed in the black sidebar to the right of the main screen & it will include “by” your login name so everyone will know the player who created this character. Click Names for a list of common mouse names for inspiration or make up your own. You can also choose from the list of Surnames for your new mouse character.
URL-friendly Name
  • This will be the name of the page for your character on the site; if you don’t enter a name then a random number will be assigned.doesn’t need to be filled in with a random number unless you enter a name.
PC in Campaign
  • Now look at the next box with a drop-down button & select “Hazel River Mouse Shire.” Now your new character will be included on the main page of our game.
Quick Description
  • This is a summary of your character. Is she fearless in battle against weasels, a quiet mouse who enjoys gardening, or a great chess player who likes to boast about his wins (yes, these mice play chess)?
Game System
  • There is another drop-down box for “Game System” & Mouse Guard is on a very long list, toward the bottom. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find it.
  • Your character is a mouse, of course, but I like to use this box to fill in the fur color of my mouse. Is you mouse covered in brown or gray fur? Maybe a mix of gray & white? It’s up to you. Mice aren’t racist, but knowing your character’s fur color helps make that character unique & easier to picture in your mind. Also, Mouse Guards wear a colorful cloak to identify them as members of the Guard; you can put down the color of your character’s cloak here as well.
Character Level
  • This can be ignored. The Mouse Guard roleplaying game doesn’t use character levels. All mice are considered equal. Some are MORE equal than others, but mostly equal all the same.
Public? Make Visible
  • Leave the boxes checked beside “Public?” & “Make Visible” so any visitors to the site can read about your character, even if they’re not registered players in the game.
Description (crunch)
  • Now, a big box to fill. “Description (crunch)” is for all the game details of your mouse character. You may want to look at the Character Questions & write some biography about your character in the last big box under “Biography (fluff)” before determining character Stats, Crafts, and Traits with the character creation steps below. When you’re ready to figure out all of your character’s stats then go to Character Creation Process.
Biography (fluff)
  • Check out the Character Questions for some prompts to develop your character’s background & story.

Congratulations, you just got through the basics for creating a new character for the Mouse Guard roleplaying game. Go ahead & click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the screen & your character will be saved to the main game screen. You can come back to fill out the “Description” box when you’re ready to go through the Character Creation Process.


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