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  • Places

    *Farthings* * [[Northshire]] * [[Midlands]] * [[East Farthing]] * [[South Farthing]] *Mouseholds* * [[Stonewall Abbey]] * [[Skyline Pass Fortress]] * [[Lockhaven]] * [[Castleton]] * [[Smetley]] * [[Falls Fortress]] *Towns* * [[Hazeldell]] …

  • Hazel River

    Running from the canyon on the north slope of [[Hazel Mountain]], the Hazel River divides the [[Northshire]] and [[East Farthing]] from the [[Midlands]]. It's a swift run of white water, wet in all seasons, providing power for the mill at [[Hazel Dell]] …

  • Hazel Mountain

    A round mountain covered in oak forest at the western edge of the [[Shire]], the source of the reliable [[Hazel River]].

  • Shire

    The designated realm of civilized mouse society, bordered by the [[Thornton River]] in the north & the [[Hughes River]] in the south, and protected from the west & east by the [[Scent Borders]]. Here is a list of [[Places]].

  • Thornton River

    A narrow & swift river, drying to a mere stream during the late summer months but prone to flash flooding after torrential rain storms, the Thornton runs down from [[Skyline Pass]] and creates a natural border with steep embankments for the [[Northshire]].

  • Northshire

    Also called the North Farthing, Northshire encompasses a narrow valley along the south bank of the Thornton River between the [[Scent Borders]] and includes the mining community of [[Smetley]] in the north. [[Fletcher Mill]] is the seat of the Farthing & …

  • Scent Borders

    The western Scent Borders run from the southern bank of the [[Thornton River]] at [[Smith Forge]] along a winding route south across the headwaters of the [[Hazel River]], around the eastern base of [[Hazel Mountain]], along the western edge of the [[ …

  • Smith Forge

    This Mousehold is a collection of tradesmice & artisans which sleep together in a stone fortress built on the south bank of the upper headwater of the [[Thornton River]]. Timbercutters fell saplings for construction material & strip tree bark for fuel to …

  • Fletcher Mill

    Fletcher Mill is a town bustling with activity. Standing at the crossroads of paths leadieng north to the mines around [[Smedley]], south to the fertile fields of [[Hazeldell]], east along the [[Thornton River]] to the thriving towns of [[Scrabble]], [[ …

  • Stonewall Abbey

    Home of the Mouse Guard, Stonewall Abbey is carved deep into stone. Only the lichen-covered face on the north side, facing [[Thornton River]], is visible from the outside. Stonewall Abbey serves as a base of operations for the Guard and is not an open …

  • Hazeldell

    The bread-basket of the Territories, safely at the heart of the [[Midlands]], this mousehold is a collection of farming communities, several bakeries, a brewery, & a large stone granary built at the northern end of this valley.

  • Midlands

    The western middle farthing of the [[Shire]] is largely comprised of a wide valley along the [[Hazel River]], the central settlement of which is [[Hazeldell]] where a large stone granary has been built to store nuts & grain safely for winter. * [[ …

  • South Farthing

    The South Farthing is largely unpopulated by mice & no longer protected by the scent borders or patrolled by the Guard. Before the Weasel Wars the area south of the Hughes River was the center of Shire activity, and the citadel of Lockhaven was carved …

  • East Farthing

    This region lies east of both the [[Northshire]] & the [[Midlands]]. Beyond the [[Scent Borders]], outside the Shire proper, is the fortified town of [[Castleton]] which serves as a Guard outpost against raids from the weasels from [[Warrenston]] in the …

  • Woodvale

    Also known as Oakvale, this community of harvesters & gatherers is nestled in a wood of ancient Chestnut Oak trees.

  • Outside the Shire

    Beyond the safety of the [[Scent Borders]] & the protection of the [[Mouse Guard]] is a wilderness even more dangerous to all mice. Beyond the Shire only wild mice & strange wanderers dare roam.

  • Lockhaven

    The Great Citadel on the peak of Lockhaven Mountain where King Abram fostered the Bronze Age of Mouse Society. Generations later, after the Shire was torn by civil war, the Citadel was besieged & fell to a warband of weasels & was never rebuilt.

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