"Thirsty" Thurston

An idealistic young mouse with a passion for song & drink.

  • Rank: Guardmouse
  • Cloak: Green
  • Nature: 5 (“Use what I have when I need it.”)
  • Will: 3
  • Health: 5
  • Resources: 3 (“Always buy a round of drinks for friends.”)
  • Circles: 3 (“I make friends easily, but lack reputation.”)
  • Age: 20
  • Home: Shaleburrow
  • Fur: Brown
  • Parents: Abram & Rona Stonemason
  • Enemies: Vidar the neighborhood bully, now a travelling peddler; & Serra, a rival poet, titled Laureate of Lockhaven.

Belief: “I am the best poet in the Territories & everyone should want to be my friend.”

Instinct: “Always buy the first drink.”

Skills: Scout 5, Haggler 4, Weather Watcher 3, Brewer 3, Orator 2, Mason 2, Acorn-wise 2, Ale-wise 2

Traits: Open-minded, Curious, Long-winded (his orator skill isn’t refined enough to know when to STOP talking)

Gear: Wooden pole, Reed flute


Thurston is a friendly & generous mouse, but not out of pure goodness. He plies his generosity as a way of winning people over; he rarely has the resources to buy many drinks, so the first is usually the only one he can buy. He will also share the last swallow in his canteen with a thirsty mouse, often at the expense of his own thirst; another reason for his “Thirsty” nickname. But everytime he shares a drink with a thirsty mouse he is sure to remind that mouse that it was Thurston the Poet who had been so generous. In his soul, Thurston feels small & unimportant, the second son of a simple stonemason from a provincial town. He has a gift of gab but little else to share, but he wants to be important, more so than just being a good & reliable scout for the Guard. He is not particularly strong, fast, or courageous, but he has a talent for reciting poetry & believes this talent will lead him to a special place of fame among the mice of the Territories.

"Thirsty" Thurston

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