Jasper Butterbottom

A simple mouse from a quiet harvester community, young but ambitious to do his duty in the Mouse Guard.

  • Will: 2
  • Health: 6
  • Home: Midlands; Harvester(1), Deep-Ear(1)
  • Parents: Connor & Mildred Butterbottom; Harvester(1), Weaver(1)
  • Friend: Pat Miller; Persuader(1), Tall(1)
  • Enemy: bully Mo Gardner; Thin(1), Hawk-wise(1)
  • Senior Artisan: Thom; Harvester(1), Harvest-wise(1)
  • Mentor: Abram of the Guard; Hunter(1), Acorn-wise(1)
  • Natural Talent: Healer(1)
  • Experience: Weather Watcher (1)
  • Specialty: Healer(1)
  • List all Crafts, Socialization, Roles, & Wises for your character, and add 1 point to each for totals:
  • Total Crafts: Harvester(4), Weaver(2)
  • Total Styles of Debate: Persuader(2)
  • Total Roles in community: Weather Watcher(3), Healer(4), Hunter(2)
  • Total Wises(3): Harvest-wise, Acorn-wise, Hawk-wise
  • Total Traits: Tall(1), Thin(1), Deep-Ear(1)
  • Nature: 6
  • Resources: 3
  • Circles: 2
  • Beliefs: Success is gained by careful attention.
  • Instincts: Check the weather early each morning.
  • Gear: Wooden Pole

Jasper was the first born in a large family & worked hard to collect acorns in the forest & harvest the barley his father, Connor, tended behind their cottage built among the roots of an oak tree in the Midlands. His mother, Mildred, spent long winter evenings weaving before the hearth to keep her young mice clothed. He was teased by his siblings about his tall, thin stature & his big ears, but since those traits have proven helpful; he has a long stride & can walk all sunday while keeping a keen ear out for danger. When he was coming of age he witnessed his younger sister snatched by a hawk while they were crossing a meadow; Jasper felt helpless but still blamed himself for her death. He resolved to do something important with his life, more important than starting his own family with children who would be at risk of being hunted by winged predators, even in the relative safety of the Midlands.

When he was old enough, and with the blessings of his parents, Jasper left for Stonewall Abbey & volunteered for the Guard. He was apprenticed to an Oldfur named Thomas who was more interested in brewing ale than teaching young Jasper the finer points of swordplay, but he did impart some knowledge about the importance of running & hiding from danger in order to live to fight another day. During long & uneventful nights posted on guard duty along the parapets of Stonewall Abbey, Jasper took the opportunity to refine his knack for watching weather patterns & predicting foul weather before it arrived.

Jasper doesn’t plan to spend his entire life in the Guard, but in the meantime he feels he is learning some valuable skills while serving his fellow Shire mice. He misses the feeling of home, the simple life of harvesting & gathering, of storing for winter & enjoying a warm mug of cider in front of a cozy hearth.

Jasper Butterbottom

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