Myrtle Metalmouse

Myrtle is an long time member of the mouse guard. An insectrist, she's been part of many campaigns over the years.


A South Farthing mouse, Myrtle has turned away from her smith ancestry and become an insectrist with the mouse guard. She is a calico mouse – brown black and white, although now some gray is creeping in. Short and stout, she is an old mouse. She joined the mouse guard as a young mouse, and has been part of many campaigns.


Myrtle grew up in a family of smiths, but she was more interested in learning to use swords than in making them. Her father, Demmot Metalmouse was well know for his intricate scrollwork. Her mother, Manta Metalmouse, was originally from a glass blowing family, but she became a smith when she married Demmot. Her specialty was creating beautiful clasps for clothing. Myrtle’s interest in insects came from the neighboring bee keeper, Helmet Honeyblossom, whose fascinating creatures came and went unceasingly from the hives. As a child she learned all about bees and many other insects from hours spent helping Helmet. Although her parents were originally disappointed at her lack of interest in metalwork, there were 12 other children in the family to train in smithing, so Myrtle was encouraged to pursue her interest in insects, and eventually, sword play, leading to her joining the Mouse Guard.

Myrtle Metalmouse

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