Schmool O.

Schmool is a dusty grey mouse. He doesn't wear a cloak as he once believed the "civilized" mouse world to be a farce. He has a face and spirit that inspire immediate trust and affection but he has become hardened by tough times and despite his somewhat


Deep Ear, Extrovert

Wanderer and Bone Craftsman




Health 6 Will 2


Bone Scavenger

The law of nature outweighs the law of rule and there are prices to pay for the good of the many as opposed to the good of the individual. Morality is determined by the severity of the situation.

Maintain a gregarious nature through strive. Spin the worst situation in a positive light. Resort to what one must to survive. Be resourceful and be mouselike for mice we are and “civilized” we shall never be.


Schmool O.

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