• "Thirsty" Thurston

    "Thirsty" Thurston

    An idealistic young mouse with a passion for song & drink.
  • Aenen Nealsson Smith

    Aenen Nealsson Smith

    Careful Smith
  • Mossflower Wilderbark

    Mossflower Wilderbark

    A young mouse, Highly capable but with even higher goals
  • Myrtle Metalmouse

    Myrtle Metalmouse

    Myrtle is an long time member of the mouse guard. An insectrist, she's been part of many campaigns over the years.
  • Schmool O.

    Schmool O.

    Schmool is a dusty grey mouse. He doesn't wear a cloak as he once believed the "civilized" mouse world to be a farce. He has a face and spirit that inspire immediate trust and affection but he has become hardened by tough times and despite his somewhat