Hazel River Mouse Shire

Table Talk

Next Game Session

So, we’ve had some time elapse since our last adventure. I’m planning to pick things up again after our mouse heroes have snuggled down into their dens in the Stonewall Abbey to wait out a long, cold winter. We may have a new player or two join us, and I intend to gather a patrol of the Mouse Guard for a late Winter mission which can be completed in the course of our game session.

Sure, we still have that villian running around out there, and it’s still not clear why he wanted to kill Gwendolyn or poison all the mice; but, for the moment, all is quiet, and Gwendolyn is making plans for the Spring to sort these things out & send some patrols throughout the Shire in search of information.

In the meantime we can enjoy a brief adventure which features our heroes on a search & rescue mission in the woods along the Hazel River. Our game is scheduled for noon at the library on Saturday the 23rd of this month.

See you then!



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