Hazel River Mouse Shire

Harvest Banquet

What harm in mushrooms?

The patrol returned to Stonewall Abbey as the first snow fell across the Shire, just in time for the harvest celebration. But our heroes are Guardmice of low rank & assigned to guard duty during the grant banquet. Mossflower, however, managed to sneak a few pastries to her patrol mates to keep their bellies from grumbling on a cold night.

Next morning, everyone who had enjoyed the banquet were sick. The patrol helped out at the infirmary, but it became clear that someone may have poisoned the food, and the patrol began to investigate possibilities for sabotage. Scout interrogated the kitchen staff to determine if the poisoning was accidental or intentional while Myrtle & Mossflower determined the poison had been linked to mushrooms.

But where is Gwendolyn? The patrol returns to Gwendolyn’s chambers to check on the Matriarch just in time to see her about to be assassinated by an unknown mouse. Scout attacked the assailant just as he plunges a dagger into the Matriarch’s stomach. Mossflower stood in the doorway trying to get a clear shot with her doorway while Aenan attempted to staunch the blood flow from Gwendolyn’s wound. After a desperate fight, the assassin managed to escape and the patrol followed.

Outside the gate the patrol was stopped by two mice in black capes and wielding axes, determined to fight to the death to allow their leader to escape into the snow. The patrol defeats the black mice, disarming one and capturing him while knocking the other one unconscious, and they take them away for interrogation.



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