Hazel River Mouse Shire

First Patrol - March

The Matriarch is Sick

Our group has accepted a mission to investigate the ruins of Lockhaven in a desperate attempt to find a cure for the ailing Matriarch of the Mouse Guard. The small band arrives & journeys down into the cold, dark halls of the old Mouse citadel which had been besieged & destroyed during the last weasel war only a few years earlier.

The group emerges with some ancient texts, and then argues about whether this is all that is needed, or if a second descent into the halls is needed. Mossflower convinces the other by a Duel of Wits to journey down into the halls a second time, and they find a locked room where an old mouse has been living since the fall of the citadel, and he knows the texts & is able to translate the alchemical formulae which may indeed provide a cure for Gwendolyn.

The patrol returns to Stonewall Abbey as fast as possible to brew a healing potion for their matriarch.



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