Hazel River Mouse Shire

First Patrol - March
The Matriarch is Sick

Our group has accepted a mission to investigate the ruins of Lockhaven in a desperate attempt to find a cure for the ailing Matriarch of the Mouse Guard. The small band arrives & journeys down into the cold, dark halls of the old Mouse citadel which had been besieged & destroyed during the last weasel war only a few years earlier.

The group emerges with some ancient texts, and then argues about whether this is all that is needed, or if a second descent into the halls is needed. Mossflower convinces the other by a Duel of Wits to journey down into the halls a second time, and they find a locked room where an old mouse has been living since the fall of the citadel, and he knows the texts & is able to translate the alchemical formulae which may indeed provide a cure for Gwendolyn.

The patrol returns to Stonewall Abbey as fast as possible to brew a healing potion for their matriarch.

Table Talk
Next Game Session

So, we’ve had some time elapse since our last adventure. I’m planning to pick things up again after our mouse heroes have snuggled down into their dens in the Stonewall Abbey to wait out a long, cold winter. We may have a new player or two join us, and I intend to gather a patrol of the Mouse Guard for a late Winter mission which can be completed in the course of our game session.

Sure, we still have that villian running around out there, and it’s still not clear why he wanted to kill Gwendolyn or poison all the mice; but, for the moment, all is quiet, and Gwendolyn is making plans for the Spring to sort these things out & send some patrols throughout the Shire in search of information.

In the meantime we can enjoy a brief adventure which features our heroes on a search & rescue mission in the woods along the Hazel River. Our game is scheduled for noon at the library on Saturday the 23rd of this month.

See you then!

Harvest Banquet
What harm in mushrooms?

The patrol returned to Stonewall Abbey as the first snow fell across the Shire, just in time for the harvest celebration. But our heroes are Guardmice of low rank & assigned to guard duty during the grant banquet. Mossflower, however, managed to sneak a few pastries to her patrol mates to keep their bellies from grumbling on a cold night.

Next morning, everyone who had enjoyed the banquet were sick. The patrol helped out at the infirmary, but it became clear that someone may have poisoned the food, and the patrol began to investigate possibilities for sabotage. Scout interrogated the kitchen staff to determine if the poisoning was accidental or intentional while Myrtle & Mossflower determined the poison had been linked to mushrooms.

But where is Gwendolyn? The patrol returns to Gwendolyn’s chambers to check on the Matriarch just in time to see her about to be assassinated by an unknown mouse. Scout attacked the assailant just as he plunges a dagger into the Matriarch’s stomach. Mossflower stood in the doorway trying to get a clear shot with her doorway while Aenan attempted to staunch the blood flow from Gwendolyn’s wound. After a desperate fight, the assassin managed to escape and the patrol followed.

Outside the gate the patrol was stopped by two mice in black capes and wielding axes, determined to fight to the death to allow their leader to escape into the snow. The patrol defeats the black mice, disarming one and capturing him while knocking the other one unconscious, and they take them away for interrogation.

The Hermit & the Kingsnake
47 Young Mice Lost in the Wilderness

After a busy summer spent pouring out portions of the scent borders, three Guardmice are assigned to a temporary Patrol led by Abram, an old veteran of the Shire Civil War, and accompanied by a strange mouse wearing animal skins named Scout—she had been a Guardmouse with a Patrol thought lost some years ago. In the final fortnight of autumn this group is formed to launch a rescue mission into the Blue Mountains to rescue Scout’s offspring before they starve in the coming winter; the large Oak from which they collected a wealth of acorns in past years is dying, and they have no suplies stored for winter ill-equipped camp located near the summit of Little Stoneymouse Mountain.

After a wet journey up into the mountains, stopping for a night at the Mouseguard Fortress at Skyline Pass where Abram met his old rival from the Shire Civil War, Guard Captain Seyth, the Patrol headed south along the ridgeline, well into the wilderness with the weather turning sour. After a dangerous encounter with a snake, Scout was severely injured, and a strange new mouse calling himself Schmool showed up claiming to be Scout’s husband & urging the Patrol to bundle her up the wounded mouse & take her to the camp just a little farther up the mountain. All of the members of the Patrol were weary of this strange mouse running on all four legs & wearing snake skins, but they had little choice as a cold rain started & they were days away from the last outpost of Mouse civilization at the Fortress. Abram guarded the rear of the Patrol as they carried Scout into camp.

They arrived in a camp which consisted of a few poor tents around the trunk of a dying oak tree, at at the center of the camp stood a very strange old hermit mouse wearing a metal crown & claiming a prophetic vision of a visitors from the sky. The Patrol tried to argue with the group gathered here, urging them to return with them before the full force of winter arrived in the mountains, but the mice in the camp were bewitched by the words of the old hermit calling himself Curran & insisting that all the mice would be taken into the sky to safety. Aenen Nealsson Smith, the Guardmouse wearing a hauberk of armor came forward to examine the hermit’s metal hat & staff. Mossflower Wilderbark tended to the wounded Scout.

Next morning as the Patrol realized they could not convince the mice to leave for their own good, they assessed that a tree blight in the oak had possibly affected the mice with a kind of hallucination, so with Myrtle Metalmouse’s archival knowledge of tree blight & mass hallucination she assisted Mossflower with brewing a concoction they hoped would cure the mice of their delusions; Aenan helped by passing a cup full of the potion around to the mice, urging them to drink, and most did. After some time many of the mice became cold & scared of their situation & agreed to return to the Fortress with the Patrol. The old hermit, however, remained steadfast in his prophey & a few determined young mice refused to leave the camp. As a snow started & Scout regained consciousness the Patrol turned & began the trek back to the Fortress at Skyline Pass with more than half of the young mice. A few of those returning succumbed to the cold, but Myrtle’s beetles arrived with foodstuffs to strengthen the group of mice with enough fortitude to return to the Fortress, and not all were lost.

Adventures in the Hazel Shire
"Have you ever seen a weasel up close?"

The Hazel Shire is a safe place for Mousekind, or a relatively safe place, where civilized mice live, work, & enjoy what limited free time they have when they’re not busy harvesting grain, collecting acorns, or plying their tradescraft.

The Mice in Mouse Guard are about the same size & shape of mice in our own world, and they live in a place much like our own world. Theirs is a place populated by snakes, birds, and bears, not unlike the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The difference between their world & ours is a matter of perspective & imagination. Theirs is a place where mice are brave & even think a bit like humans, but they’re still mice rather than humans. They have their own language, cultural identities, even limited technology which allows them to build homes, blow glass, fashion metal tools. And they have a code of law, enforced by the Mouse Guard, to regulate a standard of behavior & relations among the mice of the Shire.

Beyond the borders of the Shire, however, is a strange & dangerous world. A world where weasels arm themselves with swords & spears, coming out of their warrens to raid mice settlements in the Shire. But the Mouse Guard stands before the threats & dangers of the world beyond & protects life as the mice know it.

This setting is the place where we play our version of Mouse Guard, the roleplaying game. Each player creates a mouse character & plays that character much like an actor in a play. But acting skills are not required to play; this is, after all, a game, and it’s supposed to be fun. Players come together to tell a story, a fiction about these imaginary mice, and the play revolves around storytelling elements rather than professional acting.


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